Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chic on a budget

This is a Chic little out fit that I put together on forever21 that anyone can wear. this whole outfit cost $85.80, the only expensive part of the out fit are the boots but you can pair this with any shoes but I recommend booties with a heel. Number 1 is a ruched knit top that cost $17.80, this is a cute sexy and casual number. If I had this top I would wear it with a black spaghetti strip tank top and gray sweats or denim or leather shorts (: . Number 2 is ponte moto pants, these pants are $15.80, they range from small-large . Number 3 is the rhinestone burst filigree ring that cost $3.80. Number 4 are the thin suedette boots that cost $34.80. Number 5 is the layered cross necklace that cost $5.80 and number 6 is the glam bangle set that cost $7.80. The funny thing about this collection is that all of the prices end in 80 cents,lol. Well like I said before you can change it up as you like but this is just a suggestion. If I were to change anything about this outfit I would change the pair of shoes because they are a little expensive for me.

-hiddenluxury :D

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