Monday, July 26, 2010

Sorry, ah not my fault.

Obviously I haven't been posting anything interesting, the only way I can keep up w/ this is to do one entry a day. As you all know it's school season, so all of my time is on getting ready and stuff blah :/. best thing for this blog during is school is to talk about the school fashion, which might not be much because I wear a uniform but some fashionistas can rock a uniform. I'm sorry blogger bugs not my fault but I'll try my best to stay on top -Fashion Tea

p.s My writing needs work

Mon: style stalker

ths week we will be stalking the kardashian sister style

Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stay tuned

Today I won't be posting because I will be in a wedding! I might blog and keep you updated on whats going on. My dress and shoes are so beautiful. I'm not nervous but I am a little because I'm the first person to walk out. Anyways "stay tuned" because I will be posting pictures and updates.
-Fashion Tea

Sat: Style stalker

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The current must have trend

Jeffrey Campbell is one of the most popular brands today. He has made me a born again shoe believer with his fun shoes and amazing prices. I was browsing last night on Forever21's website and I came across these shoe's and I thought "wow, these shoes really remind me of Jeffrey Campbell". Then I started thinking, they 'kinda' look like them but you can see that there was a difference. Forever21 is so brilliant, they're taking hot designers items and making their own inspired stuff. I know I can't really afford Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but that wont stop me. Instead of the $138 dollar shoe try these $24.80 shoes.
on the top right we have Biker Babe Clogs and on the bottom right we have Bobby Slouch Wedges from

thurs: style stalker

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