Sunday, May 1, 2011

The hair of Christina Perri "Jar of hearts"

Summer is near and that means sun kissed skin and lighter hair. Ive been noticing a lot of hair change color from the obvious red, blond, or just plain highlights. For fall we like our warm colored hair to match the season. Christina Perri inspired me to get a section of my hair died blond. Now I'm not going platinum blond but like an orangish blondy color..if that makes sense. So instead of dying my hair all one color I decided to try a new trend.

To achieve this hair style in a DIY click this link here

If you don't know who Christina Perri is you might have heard the famous song "Jar of hearts


  1. how do yuh do yur hair lyk her i tryed and it didnt come ou ..???? why..??

  2. learn to write in english

  3. my god that was the most annoying sentence ive read in my life......


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