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Sunday, March 27, 2011

California Money

Today I was on Tumblr just browsing, and all of a sudden I had this erge to go online shopping. Browsing through out TI$A, ordering a Chicago Bulls snap back ect. I came across this clothing line called California Money and I thought they were soo dope. I didn't see anyone wearing their clothing and I never heard of them. Think thats bad? that's the best thing. I'm gonna cop me one these sweaters but I'm having a hard time choosing between the white or black. These sweaters are at a great price unless your prefer your $80 Diamond supply, go ahead. I mostdef will be copping one of these sweaters. I know this is not a typical blog post from me, but I had to spread the word.

-Hidden Luxury

ps: the best luxury I've found so far.

Purity Ring - Ungirthed | HD

This is my favorite song!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fashion Week New Orleans

Who would think that New Orleans would be known for its fashion? Well we are breaking through barrels people! March 15-18 Fashion Week New Orleans had their fashion week, or should I say our fashion week. There is no lucky guess that I was there. I'm sadly to say that I'm not an intern for FWNO anymore because it ended last night! I love those wonderful woman who helped out and made those three amazing nights a blast. I did not know how hard it was to produce a fashion show and keep it in order.

Fashion Week New Orleans on Facebook and Twitter

The Top Designer Competition featured Alicia Zenobia, Anthony Ryan Auld, Ashley Gunkel, Brennan Manuel, Carolina Gallop, Emily Riche, Esther Rose, Michelle Beatty, Molly Stackhouse, The Transportation Revolution.
I voted for Alicia Zenobia because her show was AMAZING and I also have footage for that and she is the winner of the Top Designer Competition by the way.

March 16, Wednesday.
Boutique Runway Shows:

Buffalo Exchange
Lili Vintage Boutique
Frederick’s of Hollywood Swimsuit Collection – Limited Edition

March 17, Thursday.

Righteous Fur
Spring Boutique
Dirty Coast
Prima Donna’s Closet
Voluptuous Vixen
Loretta Jane By Kelli Cooper
Belle Couture
Branch Out
Baby Bump
Red Carpet
Style Lab worn by NOLA Firefighters
Greene Serene
Total Woman
House of Lounge
Cutting Edge Diva by John Joseph Delgadillo

Friday, March 18th

Top Design Finalists

Fairy Fashions
All About Me
Langford Market
Attitude by Design by Lisa Bourgeois
Xiomara del Carmen
Fleur de Paris
Banana Republic
Brooks Brothers
BCBG MaxAzria
Jean Therapy
SELVAGGIOdesigns by Meghann Harney
Mixon by Anna Mixon of Miami
Kano Branon
Saks Fifth Avenue

All of these shows were so good. My job was mostly to help out back stage and man when I tell you those model changes where hectic. My favorite would have to be HANDS DOWN Anna Mixon and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saks Fifth Avenue had 10 models and they all needed changes. That was the most adrenaline filled part of the night. We were getting the clothes off them, putting their feet in these shoes putting on their dress, and all of them had jewelry! But we made it and had a Grand finally.
What better people can I work with, I am looking forward to be doing this again next year.

Fashion Week NOLA

Molly Stackhouse!

This video was shot by me and no one else.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fashion Week NOLA OOTD

Wanna know what I wore to Fashion week nola? Then watch this video :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How I fill in my eyebrows tutorial + FOTD

Playful waves hair tutorial


Orginize your makeup and brushes

So I decided to do a little bit of spring cleaning. I cleaned all 12 of my brushes 6 of them are from coastal scents and 3 of them are from E.L.F and the blush brushes were a gift from my lovely sister. I am pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes so I just buckled down and did it. Everyone has a different way of cleaning their brushes but I know a lot of people will not agree with a the method I use. when I clean my brushes I use some water inside a cup mixed with shampoo and another cup only with water. I dip my brush in the 1st cup and I swirl it around until there is no product left in it then I dip it in the 2nd cup filled with only water and I make sure I got everything out. Lastly I let them air dry on a paper towel.

I also organized my makeup collection of what little I have.

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