Sunday, March 27, 2011

California Money

Today I was on Tumblr just browsing, and all of a sudden I had this erge to go online shopping. Browsing through out TI$A, ordering a Chicago Bulls snap back ect. I came across this clothing line called California Money and I thought they were soo dope. I didn't see anyone wearing their clothing and I never heard of them. Think thats bad? that's the best thing. I'm gonna cop me one these sweaters but I'm having a hard time choosing between the white or black. These sweaters are at a great price unless your prefer your $80 Diamond supply, go ahead. I mostdef will be copping one of these sweaters. I know this is not a typical blog post from me, but I had to spread the word.

-Hidden Luxury

ps: the best luxury I've found so far.

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