Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Olivia Palermo’s Femme Menswear Style

SJP steals show in hot lemon

Glee goes Gaga

Lady Gaga's fashion people actually made the costumes used on last night's show.
As you see many of the costumes are similar to what we have seen Lady Gaga wear in the past. Recreating moments from Red Carpet events as well as bringing in new elements to highlight the songs, the cast of Glee

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its about time

the most glamorous iPad yet, It may cost $189,000 (that's 228 times the price of the equivalent WiFi + 3G/64 GB version), but it's cast in a single piece of solid 22 karat gold with 25.5 carats of diamonds set into the Apple logo, so how can you pass this one up? Designer Stuart Hughes has only made 10 of these beautiful creations

Urta Brite

the Lite-Brite-inspired look was pioneered by another chanteuse over a year ago. Enlightened was charged with creating the costumes for

Ed Express

It's been a very, very good week for Express. First, the brand went public

Versace Unique

new device that comes in either 316L grade stainless steel or an 18K yellow gold finish. The back of the phone is made of leather and embossed with the Versace logo
Versace Unique

WHat A Chic Idea

booklap by Myung-seo Kang

Date Night Dresses

Military-Inspired Beachwear

The Victoria’s Secret sweetheart on embracing her curves and career

Thursday, May 20, 2010

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