Friday, June 10, 2011

Ombre hair trend


Ombre hair color is a huge trend this season this trend started last year and now is rapidly growing. I am going to ombre color my hair because I was inspired by Alexa Chung's look. My hair hits at the shoulders so I don't think that would be flattering so I will ombre color my extensions instead, less damage to my hair :D, btw this will not damage your hair unless you keep it up. it's just like every other hair dye out there. To get the Ombre look you can DIY and save tons of money or.. you can go to your hair dresser and get it done for hundreds of dollars. I have heard that ombre coloring is $200 but go out and buy some hair dye for $20, and if you mess up at least its not your roots because the bottom hair is easier to color. To make the bottom lighter just add more. To achieve this look you can google some instructions or if your a visual person like me you can check out the video down below. Also I will also be recording my own ombre hair extension coloring tutorial because no one has it. Stay confident and beautiful -hiddenluxury

** Use the brand or color you trust and want. Also look for reviews and do research on hair color products.

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