Sunday, October 31, 2010

Every girl needs a plan

[ I know this is not a fashion entry but every girl has this problem. ]

-Is he playing hard to get or is he annoyed?

Well girls it might be both. I'm writing this because I have a situation with a boy that I have feelings for but I think he thinks I'm just looking for a friend, I don't suspect him to wait for me or be faithful because I don't want to be with anyone right now, I know it kinda sounds selfish but you know when you get that feeling when you see some one else with your property like a stranger touching your new Chanel bag. Anyways we joke a lot and have fun, we talk about every subject you can imagine and we even talk about college. Sounds picture perfect right, until he started working. I know I should be happy but when he started working we haven't spent any time together and in addition we go to different schools. Well what am I getting at? What I'm saying is that I need a plan. I'm going to call this my 5step program to better my self and others around me. This would be a big goal because I don't finish anything I start.


disconnect but don't leave them hanging

(Guys for this month I will truly be busy studying for the ACT, so its not like I'm trying to stay busy.) -Don't call/text him in 1 week, take this time to rebuild any friendships that have fallen and just have some good girl time. (don't answer any texts & if he calls after 10:30pm, Ignore it & only pick up twice that week)


The beginning of teaser

Monday, send him an amazing text at the time you know he will get it, and don't call/text the rest of the week.(If he calls answer once and be busy!) (But find another guy friend you can truly talk to 'but don't lead him on!!)


Let's turn it up

Text him something he will never forget before he goes to work. Put up an amazing photo on facebook or an amazing anonymous status. you can do whatever but whats better then wanting something you cant have ;) .


time 4 a chase
Thursday,(don't answer any text) call him and make him feel bad for ever treating you bad.

ascend and end the plan

Call him on Sunday or text him if you think you shouldn't call, tell him. What you have dieing to tell him.


1 never wait by your phone

2 don't tell him your bored all the time

3 always take care of yourself before you take care of him

I am not an expert just a teenage girls that knows how teens react, unlike old woman writing a book for teens..weird?


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